Roman Gelfer Art

Painting in watercolor has been my life's passion. Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, I have been on a quest of artistic expression most of my life. This site is my expression in watercolor.


Born in 1952 St. Petersburg, Russia, Roman began life during the repressive post WWII ‘cold war’ years. In the Soviet Union, people were valued for what they could contribute to building a strong labor force and army. Artists were not considered useful.

Roman’s considerable sculpting talents came to the attention of his father, and at the age of ten Roman was accepted into the St. Petersburg School of Art, where he studied at night after his traditional education classes ended.

“I was so shy, I would never have applied on my own” Roman admits. But one look at Roman’s sculptures his Father had brought to show the school, and he was accepted on the spot. Roman had no idea his life was about to change forever.

For the next few years, he reveled in every new discovery, and became proficient in many different media. He found that sculpture suited him best, and there he excelled, until 1968, when Roman’s father received a new job assignment, and the family had to uproot and move to a different town too far away from the art school for Roman to continue.

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